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Daniel Vestergaard

Process- & Innovation Engineer 


Daniel Vestergaard

Process- & Innovation Engineer 

Innovation to move humanity towards sustainability

What is an Process & Innovation engineer?

Process & innovation is quite new to most. It\’s an education offered by ¬†\’The Technical University of Denmark\’ developed from an industry demand. The goal was to make engineers with a broader skillset and less expert knowledge.

Why you need a Proces & Innovation in your company

As a Process and Innovation engineer, you can expect a technical manager.
A person with innovation and business on their mind as well as a technical understanding giving the ability to understand management and business requirements as well as the technicality need for development and thereby having a strong foundation to weigh the pros and cons.

What I bring to you

By hiring me you will get an engineer there is focused on user experience (UX) but still with a good understanding of what is technically possible.
You can also expect and a person interested in the human, both for the users but especially, also for the team and the management need to facilitate innovation and development.


About me

I’m a passionate manager and engineer. I’m an engineer from DTU ‘The Technical University of Denmark’, with a major in Process & Innovation. My education and personal interest, place me in a position where I find myself best fit in as a technical manager, down where the hammer meets the metal. My understand as an engineer makes me able to have a good technical understanding, but I also come with a management background and classes.

You can see all my classes and grades here.

I’m also a DIY guy and am always working on my own projects and I am never afraid of getting my hands dirty and don’t mind helping where I can.

To see some of my projects, you can see some of them here.

BuzzWord skills Circles are relative to my engagement and self determination of skills, but always to be remember: The more you know, the more you understand how little you know. And there is definitely place for learning in all subjects for me


Rapid & Pretotyping,
3D printing (FDM, SLA,)
Laser cutting (CO2, Fiber metal)

3D modeling

Fusion 360, SoildWorks, Revit, AutoCAD


Schematic & PCB Design, IC usage

Management and leadership


C (Arduino),
Java (processing),
JAVA script,
MS Excel