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Personal Interests: Outside of work, I enjoy fixing cars and DIY projects. There’s something special about hands-on activities and the satisfaction they bring. I also love the outdoors, whether it’s hiking or camping. Nature’s simplicity grounds me and nothing makes me more relaxed.

Professional Growth: When not working under the hood or being outdoors, I delve into podcasts and books on leadership and management. It keeps me connected to my passions and helps address organizational challenges. Just as my engineering skills solve product-related issues, exploring management concepts aids in finding innovative solutions and continual growth to my management toolbox.

Job history

Electrical Engineer

Dec 2021 – Feb 2024
2 yrs 3 mos
Sydhavn (CPH)  – Denmark 

Electrical Design: Engineered 2 robot iterations and developed 5 logistic modules, resulting in the deployment of 10 operational robots across various global clients.

CAD Expertise: Played a crucial role in refining both Mechanical CAD (MCAD) and Electrical CAD (ECAD) designs, enhancing the functionality of robotic systems.

Process Optimization: Led initiatives to standardize and document manufacturing processes for improved efficiency in robot production.

Safety Compliance: Ensured adherence to safety standards for robotic systems, maintaining a focus on safety protocols and regulations.

Budget Oversight: Managed project budgets amounting to 10M DKK, showcasing financial responsibility in executing projects within the robotic system domain.

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Head of Workshops

BetaFactory / Trio
Jan 2021 – Dec 2021
11 mos
Sydhavn (CPH)  – Denmark


Direct Managerial Role: Managed a team of five employees directly.

Strategic Vision Implementation: Orchestrated the expansion from 2 workshops to 6 workshops, aligning with the company’s strategic vision.

Operational Optimization: Implemented user-centered perspectives alongside company and strategic insights to enhance operational efficiency.

Financial Oversight: Managed a monthly revenue of 500K DKK.

Culture Management: Reorganized the cultural community, transforming it into a larger organizational structure with over 400 members and more than 50 companies.

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Product Team Lead

Jun 2020 – May 2021
1 yr
Sydhavn (CPH)  – Denmark


Product Team Lead: Managed budgets, timelines, and feature development using the agile management framework SCRUM.

PCB Designer: Designed and prepared PCBs for external manufacturing.

System Architect and UI/UX: Led the team in creating BetaMaster, an all-in-one facility management system tailored for maker spaces and workshops.

Physical Integration: The webplatform integrates with the BetaBox—a physical device enabling users to unlock machines using their keycards. It tracks usage, generates reports, and empowers workshop managers with enhanced control.

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Founder & Owner

Vest – Design
Jun 2018 – Present

Roskilde  – Denmark

Entrepreneur and owner of a company specialising in smaller side projects. Proficient in electrical design, programming, and CAD work, with a focus on undertaking smaller weekend projects in collaboration with external partners.

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Prototype developer

Fablab RUC
May 2018 – Present

Roskilde  – Denmark

Teaching Multidisciplinary skills: Provide guidance and instruction across diverse fields—3D modeling, mechanical, electrical, and software—assisting individuals in achieving project success at FABLAB RUC.

Innovative Learning: Engage in idea generation, project development, and content creation for platforms like Hacker Day and Instructables

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Technical Involvement: My main focus is designing and crafting the car’s battery (accumulator) and overseeing the electrical systems. This involves managing various electrical subsystems like shutdown devices, controllers, and monitoring systems.

Leadership and Learning: Within this 80+ student team, I learned a lot about management. Motivating people in a non-paying, passion-driven environment is challenging, but it’s taught me a lot about effective leadership, learning from mistakes, and creating a supportive space for growth.

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Mechanical Engineer

Feb 2019 –  Jul 2019
6 mos 
Boston, MA  – USA

Designed ISO 5 Medical-Grade Laboratories: Designed mechanical systems for ISO 5 medical-grade laboratories, collaborating with companies such as Pfizer and Microsoft. Generated technical construction details and comprehensive documentation for these specialized facilities.

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Supervisor & Safety manager

Kragerup Go High 
Apr 2014 – Dec 2017
3 yr  9 mos 
Ruds Vedby  – Denmark


Ranch Hand

(2013 – 2013)
(3 mos ) 
Skagafjarđarvegur –  Iceland


Assistant tour guide

Chilcotin Holidays
(At the time 16 years old)
(2012 – 2012) ⋅ ( 3 mos )
Bridge, British Columbia – Canada


Assistant tour guide

Chilcotin Holidays
(At the time 15 years old)
(2011 – 2011) ⋅ ( 3 mos )
Bridge, British Columbia – Canada

School & Courses


Process & Innovation engineer

The Technical University of Denmark
(2016 – 2020)
(Bachelor of Engineering)
Ballerup / Kgs. Lyngby  – Denmark


Mechanical/civil engineer

The Technical University of Denmark
(2015 – 2016) (2  semesters)
(Bachelor of Engineering)
Ballerup  – Denmark