Hallam-ISC is consulting business primarily for the building industry. At Hallam-ICS I worked as an intern in the MEP (Mechanical-, Electrical-, and Plumbing engineering) department. Here I was the designer of Mechanical systems for bigger medical grade labertorys (ISO 5).

At Hallam I also got to get involved in the top board level. I had the opportunity to analyse and talk to management on what to do in resource management, as Hallam lacked a good program to handle their company.

Daniel, you did an excellent job at managing efforts with teammates. Calling meetings when needed and checking in as required. You put up with my inability to have time and answers, and spent your time wisely. – Supervisor and Director of Engineering Jamie Spalding

Daniel is a hard worker who pulls his own weight to get deadlines done. He has stepped up to the plate and picked up a lot of responsibility –  Co-worker Ian Moldovan

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