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I\’m seeking to find where I can deliver my full potential

Today I\’m working for at smaller tech company their recently stepped into the marked of product development. We\’re a team of six people there started in July and needs to have 100 products ready for February 2021. A fast running project on a tight budget. I love this type of work where the wheels really are turning. However tight budget, deadlines and budget means I have to participate in the more technical tasks even though I\’m the manager of the project.

You see I am a tech guy a can do coding, build electrical circuits or do the CAD modeling, but it doesn\’t drive my energy level up it draws from it. Where management, communicating between the team and handling day to day issues gives my energy. Being a joining link in a team is what I appreciate doing and where I feel my education and my knowledge helps. Here I feel I can better draw connections between the theoretical world I was thought in university, the podcast and books I still draw inspiration from and my practical knowledge from my current position as well from my past.

My Background

I graduated as a Process & Innovation engineer from The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) January 2020. 

And now most people think, so what is a Process & Innovation engineer. The short answer is that we\’re engineers with a business mindset. DTU created this study program as there was an industry demand for creating people there understood both the technical challenges as well as the business with management, finance, marketing, etc.

I myself have build my profile so that I fit best inside a research and development department. I\’m a generalist and groups my knowlage in three main areas:

1/3 mechanical engineering
1/3 electrical & software
1/3 management.

Over the past years I decided to focus more on the management and especially in culture- and change management . I found that have a well functioning team leads to well build and innovative products.

With the background as an engineer I understand the technical parts of a project but my technical skills aren\’t as good as a dedicate programmer or electrical engineer. However I find that a good thing, being self-aware of not being able to do much better but good enough to have a technical discussion to either solve the issue or to understand why we have to discard an idea is for me a strong skill

Some underlining information there might  be of value

If you wish to know a little more about my specific skills I would recommend you to check put both my courses/grade sheet and my projects/portfolio

If you wish to see my resume or maybe some of my letters of recommendation I will refer you to: