Designer lamp on an angled ceiling.

The wish for hanging a big designer lamp in a old renovated house turned out to be a challenge. 

As part of my own little company a costumer contacted my with this simple problem. Having the ability to 3D print making an \’adapter\’ for an angled ceiling should be a relatively easy task. But not really when the lamp becomes an expensive and heavy designer lamp. The odd and  pretty steep ceiling on 52 degree, resulting in a pretty tall print.

Requirements being a cylindrical design the would match the angle of the ceiling, the mount for the lamps attachement points and be plain white to match the color of the lamp.

The project started by taking measurements for the lamp cone and making the necessary profil for it to fit. Adding laying in nuts in the CAD design for extra safety and not relying on threads coming from the printer. 

The part was to high for the printers capacity so the part was split and alignment holes had to be made. Here the two parts was glues together with threadrods as alignment pins and epoxyed in place.

Then finishing and getting a relative smooth surface comes from a lot of sanding and a lot of primer and then repeated several time until a good result was reacted finishing of with a few courts of special white spray paint to match the color of the ceiling from the clients request.

All in all a good little side project when still having classes to attend too.