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Hi formlabs!

Thanks for entering my cover letter and portefolie website

On this site you can see my cover letter, resume, larger projects and DIY stuff as small blog posts

My Background

I\’m a new engineer and I come from the Technical University of Denmark, one of the top university\’s in Northern Europe.

I have a bachelor of engineering in Process & Innovation.  A bachelor of engineering is different from the common bachelor of science. The degree is not meant to have a master to support it. It a degree there takes 3,5 – 4 years and is built to be a more practical approach instead of the more theoretical. 

Now you might think, so what is Process & Innovation?  The short answer is that it\’s a technical manager. Personally I specialize in the electro-mechanical realm with the focus on management. I have classes and experience to have a general understanding of the technical side, but I\’m no expert. I like to understand so I can make decisions based on knowledge but my focus is on management.

Why being a generalist is important when managing

Even tough I will classify myself as a generalist I\’m still an engineer. This means I work best I low level teams with engineers support me and I them.

I\’m not a top level manager with the job of crunching numbers and building long term strategy\’s. I\’m better on the floor working with the engineers and solving problems on the fly, this while making sure we follow top management strategy\’s etc. 

With my classes and experience in management I have the understanding of management tasks as budgeting, resources og time management to name a few, but what I would say that I\’m best at is communication and culture. Having good culture is what builds the best companys and can mean the difference.

Young but a lot of potential!

Being young and working with management is a tough sell but I think it can be done in a company like KMD. 

The management culture has changed for modern companys. Today management is a job as any other. The old common way to become a manager is to be good at your job and raise till you become a manager.

Then the employee switches to a management where they do less and less of the work that made them raise. The result is most often a \’one man army\’ where the manager makes all decisions and often a lot of the work, not spending time on manament. Thereby not utilising the potential of team.
Not to say that this happens to all, some hard working employees turns out to be great managers. 

A newer way is to place a less technical person in management role. The person then has to listen to the experts (the employees) and take their advice. This is where a technical manager comes in and is my specialty.

By having enough technical knowlage to know what the problems are and to talk to engineers and designers on a level where we understand each other and either make decisions  based on the information or bring the challenges to a higher level and to explain it on need to know level.


As a engineer with passion in product development and the knowlagde for the technical and electrical I\’m often I the lab making my own projects and therefore have two dedicated pages for some of the project I build \”my projects\” are some of the bigger projects and then I have my smaller \”blog\” with the smaller projects.

It\’s hard to show management experience in a portefolie so I will briefly introduce some recommendations.

Supervisor and Director of Engineering – Jamie Spalding from the mechanical and electrical engineer firm \’Hallam-ICS\’ worked with me in Boston, MA, USA while I was an intern. Here I worked on there resource management and integration of the quality standard ISO-9001

At my university we have an electrical racecar. Here a lot of time and effort from about 75 students and myself goes into making the best racer for competing against over 100+ other university\’s. Having an electrical racer we need a lot of electrical engineer and thereby management. I was along side my own work team leader for the electrical part

The past years I worked at a fabrication lab where I help students bring there ideas to life. As a proces and innovation engineer I help students to build and set requirements for their prototypes. This recommendation mostly supports my technical know-have.