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Why you should hire young

Agile project management is a rather new style of management. It\’s a method there requires dedication and will. Changing the management style in a department is no easy task and challenges will arise. 

Change management style to agile has a big potential for not working well if leaded by either \’non believers\’ or people not having the right tools to handle the challenges and frustrations.

By hiring people straight from university, you will receive people with a deep understanding of the agile philosophy and a loaded toolbox. If you come from university and was taught agile I would argue you\’re better prepared than people there has taken an online course or a seminar. 

Learning in school you have had different teachers and book arguing the best practices for agile management were Kanban and SCRUM being the biggest. But I think only few are able to tell the differences and can list the pros and cons except if you have a deeper understanding. Being taught in the differences and best practices results in bigger toolbox ready to handle the challenges. 

But it\’s a theoretical or taught toolbox. I don\’t have the professional experience yet. I have practiced agile for school project but not in a professional setting. However I don\’t think that\’s only a drawback its also a benefit. You write that you\’re \”still in the early stages of our agile journey\” and then a unrestricted mind might come to benefit, as more experienced persons might quickly face challenges and redraw the strategy and return to old habits and the comfort zone. 

Changing to agile is a learning process there will ideate and refine over time and having a young manager is also a dedicated manager, and it also puts the employees in power to create the team culture that agile need.

My Background

Why do have the knowledge to say the things above?

I graduated as a Process & Innovation engineer from The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) January 2020. 

And now most people think so what is a Process & Innovation engineer. The short answer is that we\’re engineers with a business mindset. DTU created this study as there was a industry demand for creating people there understood both the technical challenges as well as the business with management, finance, marketing, etc.

I myself have build my profile so that I fit best inside a development department. I\’m a generalist and groups my knowlage in three: 1/3 mechanical engineering, 1/3 electrical & software and 1/3 management.

Over the past years I decided to focus more on the management and especially in change management and culture. I found that I\’m a more interested in the people then I\’m good with technical engineer stuff. I understand the technical parts and I like working with it but I just find working with culture and people understand more interesting and it\’s what I find myself studying, reading and seen talks about as I want to learn more.

Young but a lot of potential!

If you wish to know a little more about my specific skills I would recommend you to check put both my courses/grade sheet and my projects/portfolio

So a quick recap

  • Experience from working as a project manager within a regulated industry, such as the medical device industry
    • From my internship in Boston, MA, USA.
      I worked on projects in the phamasutical industry and it was also my job so design and as spec the resource management system for getting the certificate of quality (ISO9001)
  • A strong understanding of quality management and software development processes
    • Here my combination practical understanding of ISO9001 and my  theoretical knowledge from my class in quality management will benefit me but also my general understanding.
  • Have experience from working with agile development methodologies
    • No more experience then on class mates and school groups but where we did practice it and all having a understanding of the methodologies and thereby getting to discuss the understandings.
  • A good understanding of agile software development practices
    • Its in our training for project management, agile management and  a topic we endlessly touch upon in the classes and it nowadays part of all industries. 
  • Fluency in English – Danish is an advantage
    • With my internship in the US I will say yes it\’s fluent.
      Og så taler jeg også dansk eftersom det er mit modersmål