Icosahedron – Art project

The project is pro bono for an art group.
I was happy to have been involved in this art project, as the task was to construct an icosahedron (20 faced polyhedrons) from 2-meter long frosted acrylic pipes with LED\’s inside.

The construction was going to end up almost 3.5 meters tall and was going to be a lightbox, that people can walk into. 

My role as the lead mechanical engineer, having the duty of design, stress test, and manufacturing.

An icosahedron is a rather strong shape but fragile when incomplete so a major question was how to construct the shape and if the acrylic pipes will hold to the forces.

The shape was modeled in 3D (Fusion 360) to have simulations of light and load test, this also help a lot in the construction of the bracket holding up the tubes.

The 30 brackets and feet are constructed from 4 mm corten steel, it\’s designed for laser-cutting with bend lines and afterward, bend to an angle gauge, and lastly spot welded it gives the strength the holding up the load.

4 person assembly on site in 6 hours, job well done.  

Go see the project in real life at:
Pulsen 5c, 4000 Roskilde.