Neopixels and Arduino

This is a three step guide for getting started with neopixels or addressable LED\’s.

Step 1:

This video will cover how to wire the LED\’s what libraries to you and what there is important in the library example codes. There is no code to be downloaded as the video only is covering the fastLED \”blink\” example.

Step 2 / Video 2 :

This video will go though
– Brightness
– RGB colors for Neopixels
– For loops – the clear function
– making all LED\’s light up 

Step 3 / Video :

In this video you will learn:
– Brightness control
– Powering the Arduino from your computer
– Errors caused by over power consumption
– How to hook it up to external power supply
– How to use a lab power supply
– How to power your Arduino and Neopixel from the same power supply.