Pulse monitor smart band

The pulse monitoring band is a social sustainable project there was involved in the \”Green Challenge\” firm and managed to get the 5th place.

The concept is that I band can detect heart problems, fall ascendants, and emergency calls. The band can then contact family, neighbours, social care, etc. This can help elderly- and people in risk to get help much quicker. Today many elderly can lay in there home for hour with no way of getting the needed help for getting up or even worse dead. 

We conducted user tests and also found that similar product did exist, but all design for a \’old\’ people and by having the \’old\’ look pushing people away from wearing a safety device like this. We therefor designed a more modern smartband with a clock to be a everyday item with not sign of being for elder people, but also including the needed safety features.

The prototype was injection molded in a 3D printed form and the top \’display\’ was made from a tape with laser engravings to showcase some of the display features.

The project  was also part og the course \’green entrepreneurship\’ where the project was evaluated for it\’s business case.

Pulse monitor smart band