Smart home

The Smart Home project is part of my final year in High School in the design course \’Electro Technology\” this is a beginning class in electronics. The smart home are a combination project with analog and digital components. The project won the best technology project for high school students 2015 awarded by The Technical university of Denmark

In this course we were tought the basis understand of e.g.;

op-amps, transistors, voltage dividers, strain gauger, wheatstone bridge, voltage regulators, relays, wireless communication (zig-bee, and wi-fi), microprocessor, among other things.

The main project was to build a wireless receptacle there could be programmed. We build a standard receptacle to fit relays and a microcontroller and needed voltage step down.

After the project was complete before time we extended the project to also include an alarm system, here programming I the low level code \’pascal\’ here learning about interrupts, multiplexing, and general microprocessor understanding.