Changing the culture at Herlev Hospital

Herlev Hospital are/was under expansion. There are being build a new hospital building and robot or AGV (Automated guided vehicle) has been implemented to support the staff in the daily support tasks as food or goods delivery.

It\’s not a fully automated process and the robots has to work in the same environment. 

The new robots are in the way is the response from the staff and there is not a great will to work with them. The current environment is also not a good environment for robots there is simply not enough space for the high traffic from the staff and also having the robots driving as they slow down every time an object is close to it. 

Our study groups comes in to analyze the culture and problems and look for cultural changes to get a greater cooperation.

We found multiple findings, but one of the more interesting findings was that just we being there and talked to the staff helped.

By being there and talking to the staff gave the employees a better understanding across the organization so almost without us noticing the culture changed. The leadership return to us and talked about the great improvement we have made. 

We started with a more practical solution to their problem but found that the cross organization communication we facilitated was way more power full then the solution we had to improve the elevator traffic.

This was one of the first exposures I had to the power of culture and has after this been a turning stone for where I toke my education.

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