Hi Veo Employee

Thanks for taking the time to read my cover letter.

My cover letter is readable below and I will highly recommend to check out my website for even more info.
Here you will be able to see my resume, project, diplomas and much more.

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Hi there

I’m thrilled to apply for the Product Development Manager role at Veo!
I have many times hear about Veo and finally I decided to write this application.

I think your AI-powered sports camera solution is absolutely amazing, and is very aligned with my personal passion. I love how you’re making video analysis accessible to all levels of sports.


Background and experience

From what you write I think I can join in with a good combination of practical experience and academic background

I have an educational background Process and Innovation engineering from DTU. An education there has the main purpose to be come techical managers.

With my hobbies and practical work experience I come with as good understanding of both mechanical, electrical and some coding.

The mechanical knowlage is from my childhood. I was basically raised in a car mechanic shop and always played to making things.

With my class and some of my previous works I have all build multiple projects with electronics. So I have some experience with PCB design and PCBA and have handled ordering ordering assembled parts from China.

The coding goes hand in hand with the electrical designs I have done, this makes me capable to program some C++ and Python. This means I have programmed IOT devices and is used to work with API’s and databases.

But there is no way around regarding my technical hobbies and some of my pratical experience that my intreat is in management. This what I have studied and it what I read, watch and listen to. The people and the team is what motivates me and what makes want to go to work.

My motivation to apply

In my currently role as an electrical engineer I feel like I’m not utilising the potential that I wish to develop. I really like my current work and the team that I’m working with. It feels motivating to come to work and do problem solving, I just hope that in my next job I will do more management problem solving and less hardcore electrical problems.


Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing this opportunity further and sharing how I can bring my skills and experience to your team.

Hope to hear from you soon //Daniel Vestergaard Davidsen